Instagram India Ads in Search Results

Instagram will be bringing you ads in your search results.

If you weren't convinced enough to purchase that product, but you see the ads on your Instagram feed, then Instagram has other ways to reach you. Instagram now offers ads in search results, allowing brands to reach new customers and be found. These ads appear in search results to reach users actively searching for brands, products, or content. The ads will appear for the terms that the user searches within the results. One can then tap the post to go to a "feed people could scroll" page.
Search ads are still being tested and should be available to all users within the next few months.
Reminders of upcoming events via ads

Reminder ads are also available on Instagram. These reminder ads can be used by businesses to remind people about upcoming events and launches. Users will not be notified unless they opt in for the notification.

Imagine a post about an upcoming event, announcement. Below that button will be a "Remind Me" button. Clicking that button will sign users up for Reminder Ads. You will get three notifications: one day before the event and one 15 minutes prior, the last one when it starts.
All advertisers are receiving reminder ads. Instagram posted in a blog that these reminder ads will help advertisers increase awareness, anticipation, consideration, and preparation for the upcoming moments.

This is at a time Meta, the parent company to Instagram, is experiencing a decline in its ads revenue. Instagram purchased two additional ad slots last year. These ads were placed in the Explore feed and "post-loop", ads that run after a Reel has ended. There are also ads between Stories and Reels.

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