3 Techniques for Adding a Personalized Thumbnail to Instagram Videos

A thumbnail enables you to condense the potential bulk of a video's material into a single frame. Or, let's just assume that people click on your video for whatever reason because of the thumbnail. Many people also employ it as click-bait in order to grab users' interest and increase their number of views.

You must have already observed that  selects the video's opening frame as the thumbnail by default. But there are more inventive ways you can add a thumbnail to your posts, which makes your content more obvious. In order to add a cover image to an Instagram post, here are three different methods.

How to Change the Instagram Video Image

1. Utilize the Cover Function

To upload a video to Instagram, choose the video and then press "Next" in the top-right corner of the screen. At the bottom, there are now three options: Refine, Trim, and Cover. You can view the timeline of the video you're going to upload by tapping on Cover.

All you need to do to select a Cover or a Thumbnail is drag the highlighted area with your finger to see still images from your video. Select Next at the top of the screen once more when you are happy with the frame. Now just type a description and click "Share." The cover of your choosing will be used for your live video.

2. Include an Additional Frame in Your Share

Instagram only permits videos of up to 60 seconds. It might not always be feasible to include a cover in those 60 seconds that gives the viewer an idea of the video content if you're like me and want to fill your video with insightful and creative content. But with this easy trick, you can quickly add a Cover to your movie.

The thumbnail can then be chosen from the first five frames of the movie when it is uploaded.

The viewer won't see the thumbnail as the video plays if they use this trick. It's a cute trick, and using it is the best option if you want to include something quirky without having it effect the video.

3. Instagram Maker Studio, third

If you edit the majority of your photos and movies on a computer. Use the Instagram Maker Studio, at least once. It's a fantastic tool that provides mobile-like features and profile statistics right in your browser. That's not it, though. It has a further function not present in the free followers Instagram App. 'Instagram Maker Studio' registration is required. once you've finished. Choose the Instagram Feed by tapping the Create a Post button in the upper left corner. A new option called "Cover Pictures" will appear in the right options menu after you upload a video. Choose Cover Pictures, tap on Upload Custom Images, and then pick the intended cover image. All that is left to do is put a post's description and share it. Your article has a custom cover image and is now live.

Final Remarks

Remember that once the video is published, Instagram presently does not allow you to change the cover. So take caution when including a cover photo or thumbnail. The only way to change it is to remove the movie and upload it again.

You can use the Creator Studio as well, but I found the second method—adding a five-frame image to the post—to be simpler and faster. The Three Methods to Add a Cover Image to an Instagram Shares are as follows. Please write a comment below if you have any suggestions.