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As a content creator, you understand the importance of engagement on your videos. It's not just about the view count, but also how your audience interacts with your content. That's why buying YouTube comments can be a game-changer for your channel. With our service, you'll get high-quality comments that will help boost engagement and make it look like people are genuinely interested in what you have to say. Plus, we offer free YouTube watch time as an added bonus to ensure that your video is getting seen by more people than ever before. Whether you're looking to increase brand awareness or simply want to reach a wider audience, buy YouTube comments could be exactly what you need to take your channel to the next level. So don't wait any longer – invest in yourself and start seeing results today!

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Frequently Asked Questions

Here is a list of answers to common questions about Indian YT. If you didn't find your questions here - contact us.

As of now, the most subscribed Indian YouTuber is Bollywood music label T-Series, with a total of 144 million subscribers. The second most subscribed Indian YouTuber is comedian and vlogger CarryMinati with 29 million subscribers. Indian tech reviewer Technical Guruji stands at third place with 24 million subscribers.

The amount Indian YouTubers earn depends on a variety of factors such as the number of views they get per video, how much they monetize their videos with ads, sponsorships, and affiliate programs. There is no definitive answer to this question as it varies depending on the viewership and engagement a YouTuber has. However, in general, Indian YouTubers can make anywhere from a few thousand rupees to lakhs of rupees per month based on their performance.

With our service, you can easily translate Youtube comments with just a few clicks. Simply paste the comment into the text box, select the language you want to translate from and to, and then click "Translate." Our powerful AI-powered engine will automatically convert the comment into your chosen language. You can also save or share the results if needed.

Commenting on YouTube is easy. First, find a video that you want to comment on and click the comment section below it. Then type your comment in the field provided and hit enter when you are done. If you want to add an emoji, click the smiley face icon next to the comment field. Finally, click post to publish your comment!

Comment history is located in your Account Settings through the YouTube website. When you are logged into your YouTube account, go to the “My Channel” section and click on “History”. Then select the “Comments” tab which will show you all of your past comments that you have made on other videos. You can also use the search bar at the top of this page to find specific comments you may be looking for.

YouTube comments are not visible in order to foster a positive environment for viewers and creators alike. It is part of YouTube’s policy to keep comments visible only if they contribute positively to the discussion. Comments can be reported by other users or removed if they contain any hateful, abusive, or inappropriate content. If you want your opinion to be seen, follow YouTube's rules and guidelines for commenting in a constructive way.

You can find the comments for any YouTube video by scrolling down below the video. You will see a section titled “Comments” where people can leave various comments related to a video. In this section, you can also like, share, or reply to other people's comments and start a discussion!

Turning on comments in YouTube is an easy process. All you have to do is log into your YouTube account, select the video that you would like to enable comments for, then click on "More" and choose "Advanced Settings." From there, you can check the box next to "Allow Comments" and hit "Save Changes". This will allow people to comment on your videos without any restrictions.

Deleting comments on YouTube is very simple. Just go to the comment you want to delete and click the three dots beside it. Then select “Delete Comment” from the drop-down menu and your comment will be gone! You can also report any inappropriate comments that you find on YouTube in order to keep your account safe.

You can easily enable comments on your YouTube channel by going to the settings page of your video. Once there, simply click the “Allow Comments” button and you’re all set! You can also choose to moderate comments by using the “Moderate Comments” button. This allows you to review each comment before it is posted on your channel.

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