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With Indiagram you can maximize the number of reviews for your iOS app. Easily manage feedback requests, review campaigns and respond to reviews quickly. Our automated review campaigns allow you to send personalized messages to users who have used your app and encourage them to leave their thoughts. You can customize the request messages and schedule the outreach times depending on when you think your users will be most engaged. With indiagram, getting more iOS app reviews is just a few clicks away!

Apple's App Store is the best place to download iOS apps. You can find millions of apps available for download, from games to productivity tools, and more. Each app is reviewed and approved by Apple, so you know you're downloading a safe product. Plus, there are various payment options that make it easy to purchase whatever you need.

Unfortunately, there can be delays in the review process. We understand how frustrating this can be and we always strive to make our review process as efficient as possible. If your app has been in review for an unusually long time, please contact Apple Support and they will investigate the issue.

Our iOS app review guidelines are designed to help developers create quality apps that meet Apple's standards. We provide detailed instructions on how to submit an app and the different criteria that must be met in order for it to be approved by the App Store. We also review the terms and conditions of submitting an app, as well as any additional requirements that must be met before the app can go live. We'll also guide you through the process of designing your apps so they look professional and enhance user experience.

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