Account Reporter

Report Accounts as Spam in BULK

Find an Account Offensive?  Is someone impersonating you?

Bulk Report that account and request that account/post to be blocked and removed with the services below.

1000 Instagram Account Report SPAM
₹1 750.00
1000 Instagram Post Report SPAM
₹5 000.00
1000 YouTube Account Report SPAM
₹1 750.00
1000 Facebook Account SPAM REPORT
₹1 750.00

Account Reporting

Here is a list of answers to common questions about our service. If you didn't find your questions here - contact us.

There are high chances of that account getting blocked or marked for Spam by the Social Media provider after many tousand complaints raised to thet profile.

We cannot guarantee the profile/post will be taken down as this is to the decision of the social media channel and company

The service will begin within a few hours, but you may need to wait a few days to see the effect done to that profile/post.

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